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Creative Make up Contest
Avant garde Spring


Newcomer Make up Artists and  Pro Make up Artists

from  Europe

You are free in execution and interpretation. Make-up is your very personal and creation! At least one element of your creation must reflect the theme.

We hope we have inspired you to take part.

One  Theme,  two  Categories

First Category is for *Newcomer 

The second Category is for Pro Make-Up Artists

* make up students of a school or who have graduated within 12 months of the competition date.


How to qualify

Return the sign-up form with four pictures of your work

Pay the 80.- SFR  Sign up Fee

Cut off date to sign up is 12 April 2022

The judges will nominate 10 finalists in each category 

By the 20th April 2022, the Finalists will be announced

The finalists then have time until the 12th June 2022 to prepare their creations, which they will then present in a show to be judged at the Südpol Cultural Center in Lucerne, Switzerland 


Category  Make up Student

 1. Place 750.-CHF

 2. Place Products worth 500.-CHF

 3. Place Products worth von 350.- CHF

Category  Pro Make up Artist 

 1. Place 1000.-CHF

 2. Place Products in worth 750.-CHF

 3. Place Products in worth 500.- CHF


  • 2 hours to complete the makeup on the day of competition

  • Only 20-25% Facepainting is allowed

  • Mixed textures and mediums

  • The hair and nails can be prepared before 

  • Bodypainting is allowed but will not be given points

  • An extra point will be given if the Costume compliments to the look.



  • Quality and technique 1-10 points

  • Relevance to the theme 1-10 points

  • Use of color 1-10 points

  • Idea and concept 1-10 points

  • Entire look 1-10 points

Please send sign up forms to

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