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for  Make up Artists of the future

 I.A.M Artist, formerly known as Swiss Creative Make up Contest, was founded in 2018 out of a passion to give make up artists in Switzerland and Europe a platform to express their creativity and make their dreams come true. Since the very beginning, we have been committed to creating impactful experiences for make up artists,  beauty lovers and their guests.


This year the contest will be held in a convention setting with make up brand exhibitors from Switzerland and Europe. An award for Europe's future beauty and passionate make up professionals. Our awards not only evaluate but identify future make up artists who will set trends in the makeup world. We understand that there are many avenues in the world of make up and that most future and true professionals do not have the opportunity to show their work.

Marguerites Make up School and Mba Academy, part of the Backstage Service Srl Milan Italy, have decided to join forces and give young talents the opportunity to showcase their work in this unique award and offer them great opportunities for their future as working make up artists.

This year there will be a preselection that will be in a form of an application. The contestants that are chosen will go further to the semi-finals in Lucerne, Switzerland and the to the finals in Milan, Italy. 

New Prizes to be announced!

A look back year 2022

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